Flood Wall Street Stencil Street Art

Stencils are a form of street art that comprises cutting out an image’s negative space to paint over it thereby transferring to material quickly without screenprinting or photocopying. Seth Tobocman came to Bushwick to throw down and is considered one of the best in terms of hard-hitting anti-capitalist messaging. He is a radical comic book…

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Screenprint Media Workshops

Utilizing screen printing is a powerful tool to wield because the Big 5 mainstream media corporations have a lock on everything the average American visually ingests, willingly or unwillingly. History has been shaped throughout the years using this very medium so putting this game-changing tool in the hands of artists and activists is paramount in…

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The “Exxon Hates” Wheatpaste Campaign

During the lead-up to the People’s Climate March in 2014, I was contacted regarding Exxon Hates needing to distribute its messaging to the streets of New York outside of the traditional advertising avenues. I gladly accepted this opportunity to flex in the streets to help distribute these messages before the march. I devised a couple…

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