Flood Wall Street: A Greenwashed Competition Of Corporate Capitalism

The previous day’s historic 400,000-person People’s Climate March showed widespread support to continue shouting at buildings the next day at the Flood Wall Street sit-in. This was advertised by billion-dollar environmental corporations like 350.org. as the follow-up event to “confront” Wall Street which is a less green flavor of capitalism. Many attempts attempted to connect the climate movement with a long tradition of ineffective nonviolent direct action.

What does climate change have to do with capitalism? According to “Flood Wall Street” organizers, who are part of a mass people’s response to the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, the answer is simple: Everything.

To illustrate this, thousands of people brought the climate crisis to the doorsteps of the financial institutions underpinning the capitalist economic system by “flooding” New York’s Wall Street district with a mass sit-in of people donning blue and bearing a 300-foot banner that reads “Capitalism = Climate Chaos. Flood Wall Street.”

Thousands of protesters wearing blue sparked a national conversation about the role of corporate power in climate politics when they shut down portions of lower Broadway. Following the Stock Exchange closing bell, an estimated 100 people were arrested by the NYPD in the Flood Wall Street action which was organized to hold corporations and banks accountable for their role in creating the climate crisis.

Flood Wall Street direct action is a response to a recent call to action from Climate Justice Alliance, a global coalition of indigenous peoples, people of color, and poor and working class communities bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. “From Mesa to Mountaintop, from Hood to Holler—join us as we meet the scale and urgency of the crisis by standing in solidarity with all frontlines of resistance and resilience around the world, and taking non-violent direct action against the corporations driving the extractive economy,” reads the statement from the group.

A lot of people wanted to confront the financiers of the global climate crisis not realizing their carbon footprint in travel especially being on the frontlines. These large-scale convergences are nothing more than a global distraction and directly contribute to the pollution being advocated against. There are no wrenches big enough to disrupt the same capitalist gears turning in unison from the same corporate entities.

Posted on November 6, 2022 in Direct Action, Environmental Justice, Immigration, Indigenous Rights, Politics, Social Justice, Street Art

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