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Flood Wall Street: A Greenwashed Competition Of Corporate Capitalism

The previous day’s historic 400,000-person People’s Climate March showed widespread support to continue shouting at buildings the next day at the Flood Wall Street sit-in. This was advertised by billion-dollar environmental corporations like as the follow-up event to “confront” Wall Street which is a less green flavor of capitalism. Many attempts attempted to connect…

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Here Is Why You Can’t Exterminate Us

To the racists tried to destroy the images of Indigenous struggle while living on stolen Tewa Land: This was never about a single wall in your bourgeoisie, upper-class, institutional art city called Santa Fe. Our resistance is global therefore, so are we. Here’s why you can’t exterminate us, colonizer. We’re not huddled in one place,…

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In The Spirit Of Faris Odeh

20 years ago I lived with a Palestinian family when September 11th happened. It was at their dinner table of traditional food that laughter and sometimes tears would solidify our connection to our Indigenous struggles. It was at that very table where I was told the story of Faris Odeh, a young teenage boy who…

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The Wall Off Trump Performance Of The Republican National Convention

It was an honor being requested by immigration organizations to help their direct action to Wall Off Trump and his hate, racism and xenophobia during his acceptance of the Republican Presidential Nomination. Many people of color and others demonstrated against Donald Trump in downtown Cleveland during the 2016 convention. Most stayed away from downtown due…

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