Here Is Why You Can’t Exterminate Us

To the racists who tried to destroy the images of Indigenous struggle while occupying stolen Tewa Land:

Here’s why you can’t exterminate us, colonizer. We’re not huddled in one place, we span the world. We need no lords or leaders, so you can’t destroy our command. We can live without technology, so we can fight with our bare hands. We have no species or bloodline, so we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us. We’re more than just a people or an army, colonizer. We’re a culture. We’re an idea. And you can’t kill ideas, but we certainly can kill you. – M.T.D.

This was never about a single wall in your bourgeoisie, upper-class, institutional art city called Santa Fe. Our resistance is global therefore, so are we.

*If you are feeling inclined to amplify Indigenous struggle on stolen land, the instructions to do so follow below.

How To Wheatpaste

Download. Print. Proliferate Our Ideas.

3ft Version: Faris Odeh

6ft Version: Faris Odeh

Posted on January 25, 2020 in Indigenous Rights, Social Justice, Street Art

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