Artist/Activist Agitator/Educator

As an indigenous, multi-disciplinary artist and activist I am fortunate to be involved in projects like GSWPS’s SPX Global Iraq and Plateau Solar Project from the green energy start up, IINA Solutions. I would later find an outlet for developing a broad scope of potentials by incorporating technology and art in First Seven Design Labs and an indigenous based direct action collective, The Indian Problem.

Despite my sarcastic, lighthearted nature, I take my work very serious and also take pride in my ability to provide solutions to any challenge. Having a critical eye, you can be assured that I won’t be involved in anything that I’m not proud of and I’ll always find room for improvement.

While I could spend all day talking excitedly about all of the neat things I like or may have been fortunate to be involved in, I figure it’s time to let you check out the rest of my work.

PDF Resume