The Carbon Bubble – Inflatable Sculpture Direct Action

Project Description

The Carbon Bubble is similar to a giant 15-foot black-and-silver sphere that was pushed over the streets and traffic of New York for the Flood Wall Street sit-in. The inflatable sculpture’s target was the Bull of Wall Street. The symbolism for the Carbon Bubble is similar to that of the Economic Bubble and Housing Bubble. It’s also about the shares of the fossil fuel industry, and they’re overvalued, and that bubble will burst because it’s based on unburnable carbon.

Having been tasked to make the Bubble and Bull meet by Artur van Balen and Katherine Ball, it was quite the feat to navigate the hazards of the streets and traffic of New York. What will never be forgotten was the looks and reactions of various taxi and bus drivers as this 15-foot inflatable installation rolled over their vehicles. Various divisions of the NYPD were present and stationed along the march route to take out the Carbon Bubble early and destroy it. Media filmed as the state completed the pre-planned orchestrated performance of them protecting corporations by destroying the bubble.

This was fine because much to the dismay of law enforcement, we had another Carbon Bubble. A battery pack connected to an inflator allowed the second one to be a part of the visual art of Flood Wall Street.

Project Details

Client: Tools For Action

Tags: Direct Action, Environmental, Flood Wall Street, People's Climate March, Street Art

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