Ropavejeros Paper Maché Nest

Project Description

I was extremely lucky to find such caring, talented and welcoming people in Raul and Fernanda, both of the Immigrant Workers Collective, Ropavejeros. After landing a position at Mayday Art Space as a Web Designer and Art Build Coordinator for the People’s Climate March, I was able to help and make sure they had whatever they needed for their huge paper maché installation. Their art build was titled, “We Fly in Search of Shelter”. I was exceptionally blessed to be taken under their artistic wings during my stay. Much love to these beautiful people. Respect.

A newly formed Immigrant Workers Arts Collective named Ropavejeros “Rag and Bone Men” will tell the story of Climate Change impacts they have experienced firsthand from back home, as they unite to make art about it here. Working construction jobs in Manhattan, coming from countries diverse as Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, they have seen the impacts of Climate Change in different places around the earth: “As immigrant workers, we are building this city in silence. We are working all day building a future that excludes and oppresses us. We want to connect with our traditions and empower our communities using art as a tool for change and visibility.” Their float will feature a giant nest made of personal stories, encircled by birds (kites) as they search for a home. They will be working in collaboration with Heather Henson (daughter of puppeteer Jim Henson) in developing their build for the People’s Climate March.

Project Details

Client: Ropavejeros, People's Climate March

Tags: Environmental, Human Rights, Immigration, People's Climate March

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