New Mexico Grassroots Print And Billboard Campaign

Project Description

Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) invested more than half a billion dollars in its dirty coal plant, San Juan Generating Station (SJGS). It was the local New Mexico position that PNM should close the climate-altering unreliable coal plant because it was not cost-effective compared to solar and wind investments and ratepayers would save hundreds of millions of dollars to switch to renewables.

PNM has continually touted its renewable energy portfolio however it is only comprised of 8% wind and 2% solar. During the last decade, PNM was making a 654% profit increase and stock values reached 300% while polluting the local Indigenous communities’ land and air. 

This project involved hijacking PNM’s logo and campaign imagery to spin their rhetoric for most of New Mexico to see. This required designing a large one-page print ad in one of the largest newspapers in New Mexico and also graphics for a huge billboard on the major highway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Normally when doing billboard “work” back in the day, it wasn’t paid and wasn’t licensed. So this project was art coming full circle so don’t ever let them tell you that crime doesn’t pay.

Started from the bottom….now we just a little bit above the bottom 🙂

Project Details

Client: New Mexico Grassroots Communities

Tags: Branding, Direct Action, Environmental

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